Oct 10

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Tata Motors’ Nexon – the emblem of success makes its debut in Sri Lanka

Success-that feeling of achievement for which you have worked so hard. Often, it is marked by a sign of luxury-a status symbol that tells the story of your success. Gone are the days when success was measured by how plush and royal your home looked, or the bespoke clothing in your wardrobe.

The true emblem of success is marked by what you drive. A car is not just a sign of opulence but also a reminder of your endless wins in life. So if you are looking for that status symbol that screams your victories loud and clear, Tata Motors’ popular compact SUV, Nexon is for you. With the ideology that ‘success has a new badge’ this car is every bit worth its hype.

Having recently made its debut in Sri Lanka, Tata Motors’ Nexon is available in both petrol and diesel engine options. In Sri Lanka, you can find the Tata Nexon in all 6 of its variants from Nexon XE, XM, XT, XZ, XZ+ and the recently launched Nexon with HyprDrive, Self-Shift Gears (AMT gearbox) in the top-end XZA+ variant. It is available in 6 colours and their Dual Tone colors and is priced at LKR 1.99 to 4.5 million.


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