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4 Decades of Tata Motors in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, an island nation, is home to a plethora of cars, buses, and utility vehicles. We have been a part of this market – contributing to its technology driven, economically efficient landscape since 1961. We recognized the tremendous potential that Sri Lanka had to offer. Ranging from ‘Batta’s to premium cars to commercial buses, we have readily provided key mobility solutions thus proving to be a popular and trustworthy brand.

We have come a long way since our penetration into the Sri Lankan market and made considerable headway in the commercial as well as the passenger vehicle segment.

In 1990, we partnered with DIMO to establish the DIMO Automobile Training School. The DATS flung its doors open to the youth to inculcate a spirit of intrigue about automotive engineering. It houses an avant garde training center that offers training courses to budding automobile enthusiasts, customers and dealers alike.  They undertook the responsibility to provide quality technical training through their technical expertise and equipment.

We then integrated a new segment into the automotor market with the introduction of our TATA Ace in 2006. With plush interiors, the Ace is still remains the epitome of toughness and performance.  The Ace was well embraced as it served in any weather condition or terrain.

The year 2015 saw the launch of Zest and Bolt into the Sri Lankan market. With this, we fortified our stronghold over the passenger vehicle segment. Our cars bear characteristics of a premium car with elegant interiors, a detailed dashboard and demands sophistication.

We thus, served both the opulent and the commoner with equal dedication and the statistics and widespread use of our automotors, stand testimony to our hard work. We can proudly say that more than 5000 Tata Nanos are already plying on the roads of Sri Lanka. In addition to this, it is one of the top 10 models sold for the last 4 years including FY17-18. Lastly, we are pleased with the outcome we have achieved. Sri Lanka was the first country to which our trucks were exported. This only set the tone for our future endevours.

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