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Story Behind The First Pickup Truck

We all have heard the word pickup truck, and have assumed the purpose of these trucks. Many people are aware of the actual use of pickup trucks and their types, but there are a few who don’t have a clear idea about the same. This blog is for all those who have an interest in trucks and wish to know more about them.

Here is the story behind the first pickup truck:

The first pickup truck was built in the year 1925, and was sold for US$281. Henry Ford build this pickup truck by modifying the rear body. There are 3 sizes in pickup trucks:Compact, mid-size and full-sized.

Compact truck is the mini version of two axle heavy trucks. These trucks have a frame that provides structure along with a leaf spring suspension on the rear wheels. The gasoline engine for these trucks is usually taken from a passenger car range.

The first mid-sized pickup truck was introduced in the year 1987. This truck was famous for its ability to carry 4ft x 8ft sheet of plywood.

Story Behind The First Pickup TruckA full-sized pickup truck is a large pickup truck that is generally used for dragging heavy loads and performing other functions. These trucks can carry weight up to 450 kg in the rear bed. These beds are designed to comfortably transport objects that are 4 ft. wide.

Over the period of time, these pickup trucks have are modified to a great degree. They are more attractive in design and are built with more powerful engines. The names of these trucks differ from country to country and have various definitions to it. These trucks are of great help for the modern day businessman and prove to be extremely beneficial to them. They are a great source to transport goods from one city to another or across a single city.


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